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Time to enjoy a sweeter life! From decades learning about the human experience comes a collection of stories, strategies, and foundational principles that will help change the way you think about yourself and the world around you.

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The Jenni Carroll Perspective Podcast

Listen to practical advice born from universal spiritual principles that, when embraced, have the power to change our daily experience and the course of our lives through shifts in perspective, decision-making, focus, and more.

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In-person or Telehealth, serving residents of Illinois, USA

Individual, Couples, and Family Psychotherapy Practice. Improve relationships through effective communication and problem-solving. Address mood and anxiety issues, addictions, and other emotional and psychological conditions that interfere with living well.

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Hi, I’m Jenni Carroll

Author, thought leader and therapist.

The Jenni Carroll Perspective brings a modern and holistic approach to overcoming problems, mental health issues and relationship challenges, empowering you to live a more joyful and purposeful life. Running a successful Marriage and Family Therapy practice for over 20 years while also studying powerful teachings from spiritual thought leaders past and present has given me a unique ability to collaborate with you in every aspect of your life.

Decades of evidence-based work in helping thousands of clients (individuals, couples, and families) to improve their relationships and their lives offers me a transformative perspective. A perspective —cultivated — by universal truths. A handbook of sorts that contains timeless wisdom meant to guide us in our hunt for understanding, direction, and tranquility.

As I step forward and share my perspective, my hope is to be a source of solace, education, and inspiration for you. May you see yourself and the world around you a little less critically and a little more sweetly. And may you step into extraordinary knowing you are enough.

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Download my free 3-Step Guide to Improving
Self-Worth and Start Feeling Better
About Being YOU!


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