From Couples to Corporate: A Modern Approach to Universal Life Principles

Jenni Carroll, LMFT is an author, thought leader and therapist. Jenni is devoted to presenting foundational spiritual principles in a modern, relatable and practical way. She shares a perspective and a wisdom curated from research and experience, along with valuable insights gained from closely supporting others to improve their relationships and their lives.

Possessing more than twenty years as a Marriage & Family Therapist, she has extensive experience in understanding our collective struggle. Jenni offers inspiring, yet practical strategies for shifting perspective, embracing self-worth and living life in an easier and more extraordinary way.

Jenni’s knowledge and unique perspective is especially suited to groups with a focus on improving personal or professional relationships as well as those interested in personal growth or optimizing professional performance and potential.

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Speaking Topics Include


Jenni’s message is founded on the principle of Intrinsic Worth, the enduring value within us all. Her mission is to help others understand that they are already enough, as their true value is not dependent on who they are or what they do. Accepting this universal truth is essential to experiencing oneself and others in a new and powerful way, creating the opportunity to make positive and authentic decisions, experience less stress and improved mental and physical health, while transforming the quality and ease of all relationships. She offers a framework with three buildable steps that serve as a “how to” for those who find accepting self-worth both challenging and illusive.


Relationships & Communication

Jenni offers a unique yet fundamentally sound perspective for improving communication- the number one complaint for relationships of all types. She shares her six-step framework for understanding the foundation of healthy communication including specific strategies for identifying and releasing expectations, understanding and practicing the principles of Psychological Separation and Persistent Forgiveness, as well as offering additional proven techniques for successful communication.



Purpose is an idea that everyone thinks about, but many remain unsure or confused as to what exactly defines our purpose. Jenni offers a framework for better understanding both our personal and collective purpose while demystifying common assumptions. She shares a framework of four foundational principles that help to identify purpose including specific strategies to integrate increased meaning into our actions and activities while making decisions that serve to honor and fulfill the reason we are here.


Compassion & Empathy

As a society, we have evolved and grown, yet in our post-pandemic world there remains significant divisiveness stemming from unrest, injustice and fear. Jenni offers a new way to address our frustrations with each other and the world at large. She offers a multi-pronged framework with insight and strategies to replace judgment, anger and guilt with compassion, empathy and forgiveness. An extremely effective way of interacting with others, this approach also decreases stress, negative emotion and improves our most important relationship; the one we have with ourselves.

Presentations are customized to the specific context and needs of your group.

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