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Overcome the struggle that is holding you back. Find freedom in holistic psychotherapy.

In-person or Telehealth Psychotherapy serving residents of Illinois, USA

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Discover how to experience life in an easier way. Establish a state of well-being through allowing and acceptance.


Deepen self-understanding, increase your confidence, and define your direction.

Perfect Purpose

Honor what you are here to do by aligning with your authentic purpose. Experience more joy and ease in your day-to-day.

Individual, Couples and Family Psychotherapy.

My Approach — Perspective is everything

As a therapist….

Countless hours engaging with clients and delving into their personal struggles have taught me valuable lessons.  Pain is inescapable, but how we respond to our pain defines our reality. 

Emotions are natural, but most of us spend either too much time focusing on how we feel or ignoring our feelings completely, both having the similar effect of deepening our problems or creating new ones.

Anxiety is the real pandemic, and fear is somewhere to be found underneath every frustration and negative thought.

But that is not all.
We have an ongoing struggle.

  • An inner voice that is often critical

  • Feeling selfish for honoring our own needs

  • Ignoring our feelings or getting overwhelmed by them

  • Hanging on to a relationship that makes us sad, scared, or angry

  • Allowing the behaviors and feelings of others to influence how we feel about ourselves

When our lives have purpose and we better understand why we are here (both individually and collectively) we can begin to make sense of the unfair, unjust and randomness of the ever-changing and sometimes crazy world.   

Out with the old – in with the new.

You can cultivate change, improve your mental health and move forward with a new perspective. We can do it together.

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Together, we will address any or all aspects of your life.

The most common areas I help with…

Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

  • Mood

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Unhealthy coping and addiction

  • Self-care & attention to our physical well-being

  • Direction and purpose

  • Healthy decision-making

  • Overcoming obstacles and fears

Relationships & Communication

  • Challenges in marriage & romantic relationships, family, friends

  • Setting healthy boundaries to decrease conflict and improve personal well-being

  • Learning to express feelings and needs in an effective, non-defensive way

  • Rules for healthy and productive arguing

Past hurts

  • Prior experiences that continue to hold emotional power over you

Paths to change — what best meets your needs? 

My goal is to help improve the relationships my clients have with themselves and with each other, creating a healthier and more positive experience in all aspects of their lives.

Individual Therapy for Adults

  • Focus on your strengths, challenges, past experiences, future direction, and relationships. 

  • Best therapeutic strategies to address mental health, and positive behavior change.  

  • Apply universal principles to transform your perspective and meet goals in every aspect of your life. 

Couples’ Therapy

  • Work together to change frustrating communication into easier and more positive interactions.  

  • Address past and current hurts, betrayals, frustrations, and resentment.  

  • Increase mutual understanding and compassion.  

  • Apply universal principles to transform your relationship from the ground up.

Family Therapy

  • Work together to change hurtful and frustrating interactions into easier and more positive exchanges.  

  • Rewrite old narratives and role expectations.  

  • Positive communication strategies to increase individual and group understanding.  

  • Apply universal principles to transform interpersonal dynamics and enjoy a more positive family experience.

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How To Get Started

If you could change just one thing about your experience of life, what would it be? Let’s make it happen.

Step 1…

Let’s get in touch. Send a message so I can answer your questions and schedule our first appointment.

Step 2…

As part of our work together, we will identify goals and use the best therapeutic strategies and universal principles to transform your perspective and experience of life.

Step 3…

Through our sessions, you’ll cultivate change and new perspectives. And with positive changes comes time to celebrate every success!

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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 

-Wayne Dyer